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Wind Alarm Unit Universal

The instrument triggers – in connection with an anemometer or/and wind direction sensor – preventive measures to protect wind-endangered objects such as buildings, crane systems, bridges, masts, green houses, louvers/shutters, awnings etc.
Through mode selections and parameter settings the warn unit can meet diverse requirements.

Option 1:
1 x wind speed alarm
here, a threshold value of the wind speed is set, when the preventive measure shall be triggered.

Option 2:
as 1, however with 2 wind speed alarms (for ex. for early warning and main alarm)

Option 3:
1 x wind direction-dependent wind speed alarm. Here, a threshold value of the wind speed is set, and is linked with the selected wind sector, from which the protected object might be endangered.

Option 4:
as 3, however with 2 x wind direction-dependent wind speed alarms for application with a different alignment of the protected objects.

The setting/operation is carried out via button or via the serial interface.