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Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D

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More than 35 different measurement values are available, for ex.:

• Orthogonal wind velocity vectors (X- and Y-distance)
• Scalar wind velocity
• Wind direction
• Acoustic-virtual temperature
• Acoustic-virtual temperature of the orthogonal measurement distances (X- and Ydistance)
• Standard deviation of the vectorial wind velocity (X and Y-distance)
• Standard deviation of the scalar wind velocity
• Standard deviation of the wind direction
• Standard deviation of the acoustic-virtual temperature
• Wind velocity of the gust acc. to WMO
• Wind direction of the gust acc. to WMO
The instrument is especially suitable for the use in the fields of
• Meteorology
• Climatology
• Regenerative energy, wind energy plant
• Traffic engineering, aviation and navigation
• Pollutant dispersal
• Wind alarm devices, building construction and building safety
• Indoor flow measurement
• And in alpine field of application

The ultrasonic measurement principle allows, compared to the classic anemometers, an inertia-free measurement of running variable dimensions with highest precision and
accuracy. It is especially suitable for the measurement of gust- and peak values.
The measurement values can be transmitted digitally and/or in analogue form.
The serial or analogue output of the data is carried out alternatively as instantaneous value or with selectable time frame.
If necessary, the sensor arms are automatically heated in case of critical ambient temperatures. The possibility of malfunction, caused by icing, is minimized. Model no., thanks to the additionally installed ultrasonic converter heating, is suitable even for the more difficult use in locations where frequently icing is to be expected