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Ultrasonic Anemometer 1D

Part number:
Different measuring values are
available, among others:

• Flow vector
• Scalar flow velocity
• Acoustic-virtual temperature
• Standard deviation of the wind velocity
• Standard deviation of the scalar air flow
• Standard deviation of the acoustic-virtual temperature
• Flow velocity of the gust

The instrument is especially suited for the use
• In the traffic engineering
• Indoor flow measurement
• In tunnels
• In tubes

The measurement principle allows, compared to the classic anemometers, an inertiafree measurement of running variable dimensions with highest precision and accuracy.
It is especially suited for the measurement of gust- and peak values. The measuring values can be output digitally and/or in analogue form. The serial or analogue output of
the data is carried out alternatively as instantaneous value or as gliding mean value with selectable time frame.
If necessary, the sensor arms are automatically heated with critical ambient temperatures.