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Precipitation Analyzer

Precipitation analysis perfected: Precipitation Analyzer.

Our cutting edge technology detects and measures different precipitation types, especially supercooled precipitation. Thanks to the unique design with a pyramid-shaped measuring surface made of special ceramic material and resistant glass coating, we detect precise surface temperatures.

The sensor uses as measurement principles the analysis of temperature peaks to detect the heat of crystallization and the different dielectric properties of water and ice. This enables very accurate discrimination and quantification of precipitation incidents, including phase changes.

The analyzer is ideal for early warning systems in traffic applications, on roads, bridges, airports, marine and industrial applications where icing poses a safety risk.

With its advanced method for early detection of supercooled precipitation, the device contributes to efficient winter maintenance and timely initiation of safety measures. The device was developed and tested with the German Weather Service (DWD) for use at airports.

Precipitation Freezing Rain
Measured variable
Detection of crystallizing and non-crystallizing supercooled precipitates.
Minimum intensity
> 0.4 mm/h
Period until precipitation signal
< 5 min. From minimum intensity.
Freezing Rain (FZRA)
Detection of supercooled precipitation:
> 95% of the events
(Reference to DWD Weather Observer)
Precipitation type
- Liquid precipitation Intensity in mm / h
- Supercooled drizzle(freezing drizzle, FZDZ)
- Supercooled rain (freezing rain, FZRA)
- Crystallization (type 3)
- Undercooled Water
- Ice
- Precipitation
- Sensor soiling
Operation mode
Half-duplex mode
Data format
Baud rate
2400 ... 115200 Baud
Operating voltage
11 ... 28 V DC
Current consumption
< 100mA (max. 800mA, with heating on)
4 x separate heating control of the ceramic surfaces
Ambient conditions
-40 ... +85 °C
0 ... 100 rel. humidity, including condensation
Mounting on mast
Outer diameter = 34mm
Inner diameter = 22mm
Note: Mounting on other mast tubes with separate Adapter (option) possible.
Anodized aluminum / plastic / ceramic
IP 65
approx. 0,25 kg