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Portable furnace probes - Tubuscope 32

Furnace probes of the SFP series are long established for high temperature video monitoring systems. They feature one-piece Tubus geometry, which guarantees a long-life cycle. The development of the Tubuscope 32 probe provides a probe combining extreme manageability with high quality video technology for the first time.

• Early recognition of threatening blockages, damage to the cladding, or process interruptions through using the mobile CCTV
• The outer diameter of only 32 mm enables already existing furnace openings to be used for inspection
• The miniaturized design of the camera module with lens no longer requires a remote external camera, as is customary for periscope solutions. Individual lengths can be supplied for any purpose due to the integrated design

• The 1/2” video sensor features reliable video image formation. The camera offers many parameterization options (shutter, AGC etc.)
• Special needle eye lens has a manual iris
• Low weight and good manageability with high robustness make the Tubuscope 32 remarkably suitable for mobile application in industry

Furnace probes - Tubuscope 32
Option of axial view or radial view, as a special design with variable probe head for axial and radial view with the same probe housing. Optical coverage angle 60°, deflection angle in radial view 60°, camera in colour, 1/2" sensor incl. mirror reversal in radial view, remote parameterization etc. see separate sheet

Camera System Cable
12 x flex 0.25 mm² with integrated 1 x 75 Ohm video conductor, double shielded one-sided with 16-pin heavy duty connector, on the camera side with 12-pin system connector with gold-plated contacts coated in SILTEMP protection, heat resistant up to 230 °C

Media component electric
To supply the camera, thermal monitoring with 7 segment displays, Xenon strobe lights and acoustic alarm device, connection for camera parameterization and video test point fully mounted on aluminium plate

Media component water/air
Water filter 50µm with transparent cup for the run of cooling water, filter pressure reducer for purging air of the probe, all connections via restrictor-free quick couplings fully mounted on the aluminium plate

Metal-reinforced supply hoses
both sides with throttle open quick couplings
1 x NW 8 DKL 10 for scavenging air
2 x NW 10 DKL 15 for cooling water

5,6” TFT Monitor inkl. Schutztasche und Umhängegurte für “händefreie” Verwendung