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Hygro-Thermo-Baro Transmitter Compact

Part number:
This sensor is above all intended for use at meteorological measuring stations for
connection to data logger systems. Thanks to its universal interface the sensor can also
be used as a single solution in every application suitable for the purpose.
The interface to the device is digital and consists of an RS485 interface in half duplex
mode. In conjunction with ID-based communication the interface enables operation of
the sensors in a bus system.
Two data protocols are available:
• ASCII (THIES format)
• Binary (MODBUS-RTU)

In addition to the digital interface, the transmitters with article numbers 1.1006.54.x4x and 1.1006.54.x6x have 3 analogue outputs which can be configured as a current or voltage output. The digital output can be used simultaneously with the analogue outputs.
The sensor is equipped with a integrated pressure sensor, as well as a replaceable hygro-thermo module for the capture of air temperature and relative humidity.
The replaceable hygro-thermo-module and the pressure sensor are factory adjusted and cali-brated. The sensor is supplied without a filter cap. The hygro-module is protected with its own white membrane. The sensor thus offers excellent dynamic behaviour.
PT1000 measuring element is used for temperature measurement.
For outdoor installation we recommend the use of the weather- and thermal radiation shield.

Order no.: 1.1025.55 xxx or a forced ventilation weather and radiation protection with the order no. 1.1025.80.101.